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3456 Evaline Street
Hamtramck, Mi 48212

HATCH is a grassroots collective of artists from Hamtramck and the greater Detroit area. It exists to support, grow and promote local art and artists.


Ryan Standfest: Random Negotiations Toward an Unreasonable Happiness

Hatch Admin

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 7, 6 To 10pm. 

Gallery Hours:
Saturday, January 14th, 1-6pm
Saturday, January 21st, 1-6pm
Saturday, January 28th, 1-6pm (artist talk at 2pm)

3456 Evaline St, Hamtramck, Michigan 48212

"Random Negotiations Toward an Unreasonable Happiness" is an exhibition of printed works by artist Ryan Standfest.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Navigating an environment of startling contradictions, I am motivated to construct work that reflects an interest in structural collapse and the impossibility of certainty. Perceiving the world as a series of absurd situations, I construct narratives establishing an equally absurd causality. The meaning I manufacture is knowingly held in place by the flimsiest of scaffolds, serving as gags or little black jokes that acknowledge a more profound irrationality. My artistic philosophy relies on humor in confronting uncertainty, and reflects an enthusiasm for “lower” forms of “disposable” print ephemera such as comic books and comic strips, tabloid newspapers, postcards, catalogs, manuals and advertisements, because of their ability to function as a suitable device for investigating the absurd and the satirical. Through the use of text and image, I pursue the Absurd as a purposeful exercise in futility, in which meaning is assembled using procedure and ceremony, within a greater framework of indeterminacy."

Ryan Standfest is a Detroit artist. He is the editor and publisher of ROTLAND PRESS, presenting publications of humor and despair, and founded the performance group Cabaret BLACK EYE, a hybrid of vaudeville and Absurdist theatrical tendencies. He is also a curator, assembling exhibitions that focus on different forms of humor in the visual arts. Standfest holds an MFA in Printmaking from The University of Iowa. He is currently a Lecturer in the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and an instructor at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit. 

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