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3456 Evaline Street
Hamtramck, Mi 48212

HATCH is a grassroots collective of artists from Hamtramck and the greater Detroit area. It exists to support, grow and promote local art and artists.


Summer of Renovation!

Hatch Admin


Hamtramck Disneyland, 12087 Klinger, Hamtramck 48212

All summer we will be having volunteer work days to get Hamtramck Disneyland back to its prime. We will be meeting every other Sunday, starting Sunday, June 24th, through Sunday, September 1st, noon to 4. Everyone is welcome!

Here is a rough overview of some of the things we have on deck to do (some of our scheduled tasks are subject to change): 

June 24: Paint exterior of both garages. Finish painting the shuttle. Repair the windmill. People with speciality knowledge or carpentry skills who have advice and thoughts on how to proceed rebuilding, repairing and re-bracing the upper structures will be very much appreciated!! Some of the work will involve ladder climbing!! 

July 8: Paint cut outs, whirly-gigs, and other toys. Build platforms on alley side to add these things and paint it. Hang work in the “gallery” (the space between garages).

July 22: Paint more cut outs and such. Affix finished cut outs, et al, onto the platforms and gallery. Begin repair of upper structure (specialty crew).

August 5: Continue repair/rebuilding of upper structures. Build and paint additional platforms. Repair the thing on wheels and affix stuff to it. Paint more cut outs and such.

August 19: Continue repair of upper structures. Add cut outs, et al, to new platforms. Fix and add items to the front porches and middle walkway.

September 2: Add more work to gallery. Get the thing on wheels done up for the Labor Day Parade.